Blogging from my phone with termux


I have been thinking of using my phone to code for the last couples of months, mainly because I don't get as much time as I want to program on my spare time and that it would be much more convenient to take out my android to fiddle with ideas and toy projects.

And I finally pushed myself to just do it, giving it a try with my newborn blog hosted on github. Which sounds easy as it is just a couple of static files with a little bit of JS to make my life easier, so no need to setup Node or go on my device. I did not really dig into available options and just thought I would stick with Termux and git which looked like an easy solution. The site is hosted on Cloudflare Pages.

Now, if you're able to read this, it means the experiment worked and that I was able to push it from my phone! Which should work theoretically but you know what Desproges, a famous french humorist said about theories :D