Sunday night thoughts about genetics

You know it already that I am none of a genetics expert. I tend to see it as a form of memory. A memory that spans across death, yet alive even if invisible to us. And the beauty in that overly simple definition is the depth it gives to anyone's individual actions. Because, in a sense, there's no place for individuality with genomics. Everything eventually ends up becoming added to that common pool of experience that feeds our evolution. Just like any obscure, carefully crafted library of code nowadays get scraped automatically to fuel some AI models, any steps one takes leaves a tiny trace in the path of humans kind. Which looks funny, because even the most misanthropic also participate. We're all players of a game no one ever signed up for.

Once stated that, the important question is for anyone to decide what outcome they want to maximize. As I am getting older, I tend to feel that curiosity and kindness have been the most powerful forces in my life and I would love everyone to have the chance to experience it the way I did, more often. So I tend to act in that sense and also teach our daughter about it. Because, even if our contribution is infinitesimal, it still feels like the footstep I want us to print.